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VFX’n’GO [Visual Effects and Go] is my personal brand for educational. More courses are in Italian language, but you can find also some stuff in English such as "VFX'n'GO Houdini Rocks".

For more information write me at

Youtube for more update, previews and free stuff... I'm also on


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{VFX'n'GO} Houdini Bundle 2022.01 - SideFX Houdini 101+102+103+201+202+203+204

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[VFX'n'GO] SideFX Houdini 204 - PyroFX

No ratings

mm BurnOut v 1.5 - HDA Unlock for Houdini 18.5 and up


mm Split RGB v.02 - tool for Houdini

No ratings

mm VDB Converter

No ratings

mm Quick Path Save Preset for Houdini 17.x and over

No ratings

mm VDB Smoke Combine for Houdini 17.x and over


{VFX'n'GO} Bundle H-ROCKS 1 - vol.1+vol.2+vol.3


{VFX'n'GO} Bundle H-ROCKS 2 - vol.4+vol.5+vol.6